Studio progress by Nicole M

I wanted to share a glimpse of what I've been working on in the studio over the last few weeks at Creative Paradox! It seems like our Appetizer show only just happened, but I've been plenty busy since then. Excited about these paintings! Now we're mainly preparing for our end-of-residency solo shows in May. Big deal. More to come! 

Here are some backwards in-progress shots of the painting on the right: 
And also a large collage based off my animation:
 Studio LYFE. When I was in high school, I intentionally splattered paint, Pollock-style, all over a pair of jeans so that they would be my "paint pants." This time though, my paint pants are the real deal. Does this mean I'm more of an artist now than I was in high school? Who knows.

Stay tuned for some exciting news in a couple days!

Installation experiment by Nicole M

Here's an experiment I've been working on recently in my studio at Creative Paradox, painting on the walls & floor. I wanted to try incorporating objects into my painting, and move outside of the canvas. While it was a great experiment, I'm not sure I'll be moving into sculpture anytime soon! I do like the shape of it though, and think there are some nice moments. Here's a few reverse shots in-progress: 

Residency at Creative Paradox! by Nicole M

This summer I'm beginning a year-long residency program at Creative Paradox, an artists' studio & co-op space in Annapolis, MD. I can't say how pumped and grateful I am for this opportunity to have a supportive studio environment to make work in, especially after leaving somewhere like MICA.

The overall mission of Creative Paradox is to "cultivate a vibrant network of artists who glorify God and impact culture." The residency, which is brand new, is unique in its focus on both the artistic growth & personal growth of the artists. I'll be sharing a studio space with two other artists, painter Lee Nowell and illustrator/creative writer Jacqueline McNally. Read more about the program and see our bio pages on the website here.

Here's a few photos of the studio space I'm now working in!

Beginning of a new painting installation I'm just starting:
It's evolving! 
My whole studio-half!
Also check out an article written about us in The Capital, a local newspaper. Here's Casey Johnson, the director of the program, giving an interview:

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