Upcoming Show at Creative Paradox—Appetizer: January 26th at 7pm by Nicole M

Appetizer will be a taste of what the artists at Creative Paradox have been working on for the last few months and give a glimpse of what is to come from each artists' solo show at the end of their residency in May. 

This show will feature works from Artists-in-Residence Nicole Mueller (me!), Jacqueline McNally, and Lee Nowell. 

Each artist has their own unique vision and Appetizer is a great way to get a sample before the main course. Expect to see works in painting, illustration, stop-motion video, and photography & live performance sculpture by "Lemonade" — a collaboration project between Casey Reed Johnson & Mark Joseph Oliver. 

Here's a few "appetizers" of some work I'll be showing at Appetizer...ha...

MICA Thesis Show by Nicole M

Well it's official official! In addition to the No Boundaries' Block Party, last weekend also marked the graduation ceremony and thesis exhibition for MICA's class of 2012! It was a whirlwind of art, activity, family, & friends, and I'm excited to share some images of the final show! Although I finished classes back in December, I've been working on a new series of paintings for this spring's thesis exhibition, and I'm really proud of how everything came out! I also got to walk across the stage and shake hands with Fred Lazarus, which symbolically marks the end of my MICA career and beginning of my real life one!

Sincere thanks to everyone who stopped by to see my work during the show.

Adventures of a Blue Squiggle, Prologue and Act I
I'm selling these little collages for $75 each, including plexi glass frame, email me at nmueller104@gmail.com if interested! I'll ship em to you!
Adventures of a Blue Squiggle: (from L–R) Prologue, Act I, Act II, & Act III

Expect a website update soon with images of new work! All pieces from the show are for sale, please email nmueller104@gmail.com for price or show inquiries. 
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Thanks for your love & support!

MICA's 2012 Commencement Exhibition! by Nicole M

It's finally here! MICA's 2012 Commencement Exhibition where I'll be showing a recent series of paintings at is this weekend May 10th–May 14th! If you're in the Baltimore area I hope you'll be able to come celebrate hundreds of talented young artists graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art. =)
Above is a preview of a painting that I'll have in the show. My work will be in the Fox 220 Gallery on MICA's campus so be sure to check it out!  Read a recent email blast I just released with more information on this weekend here! If you'd like to sign up for my mailing list to receive more art updates in the future, sign up here!

If you can't make it out to the show this weekend, look forward to tons of photos from the event after next week!