Studio progress by Nicole M

I wanted to share a glimpse of what I've been working on in the studio over the last few weeks at Creative Paradox! It seems like our Appetizer show only just happened, but I've been plenty busy since then. Excited about these paintings! Now we're mainly preparing for our end-of-residency solo shows in May. Big deal. More to come! 

Here are some backwards in-progress shots of the painting on the right: 
And also a large collage based off my animation:
 Studio LYFE. When I was in high school, I intentionally splattered paint, Pollock-style, all over a pair of jeans so that they would be my "paint pants." This time though, my paint pants are the real deal. Does this mean I'm more of an artist now than I was in high school? Who knows.

Stay tuned for some exciting news in a couple days!

animation in the works by Nicole M

Preview of an animation in progress!

Just a couple frames from a new video I'm hoping to have finished in January.
I haven't been great about updating too frequently, but it's just because there are so many things in the works right now. Tons is happening come this spring, including a couple of shows with Creative Paradox, that I'm excited to share in the coming months! Stay tuned!