artist retreat

CPX Artist Retreat by Nicole M

Thanks to everybody who came out to last weekend's block party, it was as great as last year's and thank God the weather held up beautifully, even with a predicted 60% chance of rain!

Speaking of community-oriented events, I forgot to post some pictures from a retreat we took last month with the team at Creative Paradox out to Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. It was amazingly refreshing and a chance to get to know all of the people we've seen coming in & out of the studio all year long.

We arrived in the evening and had a chance to check out the sunset over the lake. Beautiful! Even though it was April, most of the lake was still frozen over with ice.
The next day we took a hike over to Swallow Falls State Park, which is filled with gorgeous waterfalls, including the tallest one in MD. Here is the gang in front of some rocks (minus Darren Heater who's behind the camera). Not a real interesting bunch...
We each got to take home mini cigar boxes after the retreat filled with notes of encouragement / little pine cones / etc. that we'd exchanged with each other, and Casey, our resident program director & sculptor extraordinaire (pictured above R), carved these sticks for us resident artists! Mine says "Make it stick"! 

 We've had a few more events since then, and even more forthcoming, so look out for more soon!