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IAM Jumbo Shrimp Show Photos by Nicole M

Shortly after our show at Creative Paradox, we had the incredible fortune of heading up to New York with some of our work for a follow-up show at International Arts Movement (IAM). Since they are an established arts organization, with a similar mission of bridging the gap between faith, culture, & art, Creative Paradox had been working throughout the year to build a relationship and find ways to collaborate with them. So, on June 20th we held an opening for JUMBO SHRIMP, featuring work from our residency in IAM's gallery space. The show is still up, if you're in NY and have a chance to check it out!

I came up a few days early to help our director Casey with installation, here are a few photos of the set-up:
My large painting was too big (i.e. expensive) to take up in a van, so we had to take it apart and then rebuild once we got there:
And here are some photos of the opening! 
Casey, our AIR director, & me: 
 Three AIR artists, Jacqueline, Lee, & me, with our director Casey:

CPX AIR '13 Show Photos by Nicole M

On Saturday June 8th, we had our final show at Creative Paradox, wrapping up our year-long residency there. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience with them! If you weren't able to make it, here is a virtual tour of my installation & some photos from the opening!


Some pre-show video set-up:
 My amazing family & friends came to the opening! Words can't describe the love I feel for them!
There was even a "graduation ceremony" for the AIR artists! 
The whole CPX crew:
I certainly feel very lucky...

Upcoming Shows w/ Creative Paradox—AIR '13 End of Year Show: June 8th at 7pm in Annapolis, MD & Jumbo Shrimp: June 20th at 7pm in New York, NY by Nicole M

The event you've been waiting for all year is finally here! ;) Creative Paradox's A.I.R. '13 End of Year Show, featuring artwork created during our 2012–2013 residency at Creative Paradox. It's going to be really fun and we're all really proud of the work, so if you're anywhere in the Maryland area, come & check it out! =) The opening is next Saturday, June 8th at 7pm. You can look forward to stop-motion animation, illustration, painting, printmaking, & sculpture, so we are trying to make sure there's something for everyone by covering the full spectrum of visual art here. ;) More details on the facebook event...

Shortly after this show in Annapolis, we are really excited to be headed up north for a follow-up show at the International Arts Movement (IAM) space in New York, NY! Aww yea!! IAM is an established Christian arts organization that Creative Paradox has been getting to know over the last year, and they were generous enough to host a show for us this summer sharing more of the work produced during our residency. The "Jumbo Shrimp" opening will be Thursday, June 20th at 7pm. So if you can't make it out to the Annapolis show, Jumbo Shrimp will be up for a few months longer. More details on the facebook event...