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Nicole Mueller x BEHR Paint Collaboration by Nicole Mueller

Last month, I created a series of paintings using BEHR's 2018 color palette. Fellow San Francisco creative Chloe Roth teamed up with interior designer Erin Hiemstra (of Apartment34) to redesign her new home, which included a partnership with BEHR paint. As a focal point for her living room, Chloe asked me if I'd be willing to create a painting using BEHR's new color palette. A mix of neutrals and bold accents, I thought it'd be an interesting challenge (I never give myself color restrictions)! And because I always work on multiple paintings at the same time, I turned it into a series.

You can see a glimpse of my painting in Chloe's home below, and a reveal of the other two paintings (they are also available for sale—email me at with inquiries).

The reveal of Chloe's home transformation, and the final painting, can be seen here on Apartment34's blog (also on Domino magazine). Keep an eye out for a full behind-the-scenes studio tour:

photo by Andrea Posadas Creative

photo by Andrea Posadas Creative

photo by Erin Hiemstra 

photo by Erin Hiemstra 


Nocturne Shade (Behr II), 62 x 62 in., BEHR paint on canvas, 2018 


In The Moment (Behr III), 62 x 62 in., BEHR paint on canvas, 2018 

For inquiries on the two paintings shown above, please email