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Residency at Creative Paradox! by Nicole M

This summer I'm beginning a year-long residency program at Creative Paradox, an artists' studio & co-op space in Annapolis, MD. I can't say how pumped and grateful I am for this opportunity to have a supportive studio environment to make work in, especially after leaving somewhere like MICA.

The overall mission of Creative Paradox is to "cultivate a vibrant network of artists who glorify God and impact culture." The residency, which is brand new, is unique in its focus on both the artistic growth & personal growth of the artists. I'll be sharing a studio space with two other artists, painter Lee Nowell and illustrator/creative writer Jacqueline McNally. Read more about the program and see our bio pages on the website here.

Here's a few photos of the studio space I'm now working in!

Beginning of a new painting installation I'm just starting:
It's evolving! 
My whole studio-half!
Also check out an article written about us in The Capital, a local newspaper. Here's Casey Johnson, the director of the program, giving an interview:

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