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IAM Jumbo Shrimp Show Photos by Nicole M

Shortly after our show at Creative Paradox, we had the incredible fortune of heading up to New York with some of our work for a follow-up show at International Arts Movement (IAM). Since they are an established arts organization, with a similar mission of bridging the gap between faith, culture, & art, Creative Paradox had been working throughout the year to build a relationship and find ways to collaborate with them. So, on June 20th we held an opening for JUMBO SHRIMP, featuring work from our residency in IAM's gallery space. The show is still up, if you're in NY and have a chance to check it out!

I came up a few days early to help our director Casey with installation, here are a few photos of the set-up:
My large painting was too big (i.e. expensive) to take up in a van, so we had to take it apart and then rebuild once we got there:
And here are some photos of the opening! 
Casey, our AIR director, & me: 
 Three AIR artists, Jacqueline, Lee, & me, with our director Casey:

CPX AIR '13 Show Photos by Nicole M

On Saturday June 8th, we had our final show at Creative Paradox, wrapping up our year-long residency there. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience with them! If you weren't able to make it, here is a virtual tour of my installation & some photos from the opening!


Some pre-show video set-up:
 My amazing family & friends came to the opening! Words can't describe the love I feel for them!
There was even a "graduation ceremony" for the AIR artists! 
The whole CPX crew:
I certainly feel very lucky...

Upcoming Shows w/ Creative Paradox—AIR '13 End of Year Show: June 8th at 7pm in Annapolis, MD & Jumbo Shrimp: June 20th at 7pm in New York, NY by Nicole M

The event you've been waiting for all year is finally here! ;) Creative Paradox's A.I.R. '13 End of Year Show, featuring artwork created during our 2012–2013 residency at Creative Paradox. It's going to be really fun and we're all really proud of the work, so if you're anywhere in the Maryland area, come & check it out! =) The opening is next Saturday, June 8th at 7pm. You can look forward to stop-motion animation, illustration, painting, printmaking, & sculpture, so we are trying to make sure there's something for everyone by covering the full spectrum of visual art here. ;) More details on the facebook event...

Shortly after this show in Annapolis, we are really excited to be headed up north for a follow-up show at the International Arts Movement (IAM) space in New York, NY! Aww yea!! IAM is an established Christian arts organization that Creative Paradox has been getting to know over the last year, and they were generous enough to host a show for us this summer sharing more of the work produced during our residency. The "Jumbo Shrimp" opening will be Thursday, June 20th at 7pm. So if you can't make it out to the Annapolis show, Jumbo Shrimp will be up for a few months longer. More details on the facebook event...

Year-End Reflections by Nicole M

Our year-long residencies at Creative Paradox have been wrapping up, and we've been moving out of our studios (sad!) to prepare for our final shows (happy!). Coincidentally this year also marked CPX's 10th year anniversary as a non-profit, so we got to celebrate this milestone with them at an end-of-year banquet. To help relay the mission of CPX and how it's impacted us individually DMH Video Productions put together these awesome videos about each of the artists' stories to share during the banquet. So instead of describing what this year at Creative Paradox has been like, here are some fun videos about the 2012–2013 resident artists!

from Creative Paradox on Vimeo.

Jacqueline Mcnally/Oliver:
from Creative Paradox on Vimeo.

Lee Nowell:
from Creative Paradox on Vimeo.

CPX Artist Retreat by Nicole M

Thanks to everybody who came out to last weekend's block party, it was as great as last year's and thank God the weather held up beautifully, even with a predicted 60% chance of rain!

Speaking of community-oriented events, I forgot to post some pictures from a retreat we took last month with the team at Creative Paradox out to Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. It was amazingly refreshing and a chance to get to know all of the people we've seen coming in & out of the studio all year long.

We arrived in the evening and had a chance to check out the sunset over the lake. Beautiful! Even though it was April, most of the lake was still frozen over with ice.
The next day we took a hike over to Swallow Falls State Park, which is filled with gorgeous waterfalls, including the tallest one in MD. Here is the gang in front of some rocks (minus Darren Heater who's behind the camera). Not a real interesting bunch...
We each got to take home mini cigar boxes after the retreat filled with notes of encouragement / little pine cones / etc. that we'd exchanged with each other, and Casey, our resident program director & sculptor extraordinaire (pictured above R), carved these sticks for us resident artists! Mine says "Make it stick"! 

 We've had a few more events since then, and even more forthcoming, so look out for more soon!

Studio progress by Nicole M

I wanted to share a glimpse of what I've been working on in the studio over the last few weeks at Creative Paradox! It seems like our Appetizer show only just happened, but I've been plenty busy since then. Excited about these paintings! Now we're mainly preparing for our end-of-residency solo shows in May. Big deal. More to come! 

Here are some backwards in-progress shots of the painting on the right: 
And also a large collage based off my animation:
 Studio LYFE. When I was in high school, I intentionally splattered paint, Pollock-style, all over a pair of jeans so that they would be my "paint pants." This time though, my paint pants are the real deal. Does this mean I'm more of an artist now than I was in high school? Who knows.

Stay tuned for some exciting news in a couple days!

Appetizer Photos by Nicole M

THANKS to everybody who came out to our "Appetizer" show last weekend in Annapolis! We had a great turn-out, and a wide range of work on view, including paintings, performances, animation, & sculpture. This was our last "preview" before our end-of-the-year shows, so it also helped generate some excitement and momentum for what's ahead. We're coming down the home stretch of our year-long residency at Creative Paradox, and although I can't believe how the year has flown by there's still a lot of work to be done in the next few months!

Below are some installation shots I snapped on my phone after the show. Check out more on the CPX blog here. I've also added new work and given my website a mini-makeover so check out my NEW WEBSITE! You can also PURCHASE PRINTS of all my paintings via that link or the "Store" link on my website! They are nice & archival and come in custom sizes! Thanks, you are the best. ;)

(from L-R) My painting Balancing Act and animation Kaleidoscope Cat, and Jacqueline McNally's Moths installation.
 Balancing Act
 (from L-R) My painting Party Crowd, a drawing by Jacqueline McNally, and painting by Lee Nowell
 My animation installation Kaleidoscope Cat
Video clip from Kaleidoscope Cat

Upcoming Show at Creative Paradox—Appetizer: January 26th at 7pm by Nicole M

Appetizer will be a taste of what the artists at Creative Paradox have been working on for the last few months and give a glimpse of what is to come from each artists' solo show at the end of their residency in May. 

This show will feature works from Artists-in-Residence Nicole Mueller (me!), Jacqueline McNally, and Lee Nowell. 

Each artist has their own unique vision and Appetizer is a great way to get a sample before the main course. Expect to see works in painting, illustration, stop-motion video, and photography & live performance sculpture by "Lemonade" — a collaboration project between Casey Reed Johnson & Mark Joseph Oliver. 

Here's a few "appetizers" of some work I'll be showing at Appetizer...ha...

animation in the works by Nicole M

Preview of an animation in progress!

Just a couple frames from a new video I'm hoping to have finished in January.
I haven't been great about updating too frequently, but it's just because there are so many things in the works right now. Tons is happening come this spring, including a couple of shows with Creative Paradox, that I'm excited to share in the coming months! Stay tuned!