IAM Jumbo Shrimp Show Photos by Nicole M

Shortly after our show at Creative Paradox, we had the incredible fortune of heading up to New York with some of our work for a follow-up show at International Arts Movement (IAM). Since they are an established arts organization, with a similar mission of bridging the gap between faith, culture, & art, Creative Paradox had been working throughout the year to build a relationship and find ways to collaborate with them. So, on June 20th we held an opening for JUMBO SHRIMP, featuring work from our residency in IAM's gallery space. The show is still up, if you're in NY and have a chance to check it out!

I came up a few days early to help our director Casey with installation, here are a few photos of the set-up:
My large painting was too big (i.e. expensive) to take up in a van, so we had to take it apart and then rebuild once we got there:
And here are some photos of the opening! 
Casey, our AIR director, & me: 
 Three AIR artists, Jacqueline, Lee, & me, with our director Casey: