Nicole Mueller x BEHR Paint Collaboration by Nicole Mueller

Last month, I created a series of paintings using BEHR's 2018 color palette. Fellow San Francisco creative Chloe Roth teamed up with interior designer Erin Hiemstra (of Apartment34) to redesign her new home, which included a partnership with BEHR paint. As a focal point for her living room, Chloe asked me if I'd be willing to create a painting using BEHR's new color palette. A mix of neutrals and bold accents, I thought it'd be an interesting challenge (I never give myself color restrictions)! And because I always work on multiple paintings at the same time, I turned it into a series.

You can see a glimpse of my painting in Chloe's home below, and a reveal of the other two paintings (they are also available for sale—email me at nmueller104@gmail.com with inquiries).

The reveal of Chloe's home transformation, and the final painting, can be seen here on Apartment34's blog (also on Domino magazine). Keep an eye out for a full behind-the-scenes studio tour:

photo by Andrea Posadas Creative

photo by Andrea Posadas Creative

photo by Erin Hiemstra 

photo by Erin Hiemstra 


Nocturne Shade (Behr II), 62 x 62 in., BEHR paint on canvas, 2018 


In The Moment (Behr III), 62 x 62 in., BEHR paint on canvas, 2018 

For inquiries on the two paintings shown above, please email nmueller104@gmail.com