CPX AIR '13 Show Photos by Nicole M

On Saturday June 8th, we had our final show at Creative Paradox, wrapping up our year-long residency there. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience with them! If you weren't able to make it, here is a virtual tour of my installation & some photos from the opening!


Some pre-show video set-up:
 My amazing family & friends came to the opening! Words can't describe the love I feel for them!
There was even a "graduation ceremony" for the AIR artists! 
The whole CPX crew:
I certainly feel very lucky...

Upcoming Shows w/ Creative Paradox—AIR '13 End of Year Show: June 8th at 7pm in Annapolis, MD & Jumbo Shrimp: June 20th at 7pm in New York, NY by Nicole M

The event you've been waiting for all year is finally here! ;) Creative Paradox's A.I.R. '13 End of Year Show, featuring artwork created during our 2012–2013 residency at Creative Paradox. It's going to be really fun and we're all really proud of the work, so if you're anywhere in the Maryland area, come & check it out! =) The opening is next Saturday, June 8th at 7pm. You can look forward to stop-motion animation, illustration, painting, printmaking, & sculpture, so we are trying to make sure there's something for everyone by covering the full spectrum of visual art here. ;) More details on the facebook event...

Shortly after this show in Annapolis, we are really excited to be headed up north for a follow-up show at the International Arts Movement (IAM) space in New York, NY! Aww yea!! IAM is an established Christian arts organization that Creative Paradox has been getting to know over the last year, and they were generous enough to host a show for us this summer sharing more of the work produced during our residency. The "Jumbo Shrimp" opening will be Thursday, June 20th at 7pm. So if you can't make it out to the Annapolis show, Jumbo Shrimp will be up for a few months longer. More details on the facebook event...

Upcoming Show at Creative Paradox—Appetizer: January 26th at 7pm by Nicole M

Appetizer will be a taste of what the artists at Creative Paradox have been working on for the last few months and give a glimpse of what is to come from each artists' solo show at the end of their residency in May. 

This show will feature works from Artists-in-Residence Nicole Mueller (me!), Jacqueline McNally, and Lee Nowell. 

Each artist has their own unique vision and Appetizer is a great way to get a sample before the main course. Expect to see works in painting, illustration, stop-motion video, and photography & live performance sculpture by "Lemonade" — a collaboration project between Casey Reed Johnson & Mark Joseph Oliver. 

Here's a few "appetizers" of some work I'll be showing at Appetizer...ha...

12x12 Party Saturday Aug. 18th at CPX! by Nicole M

If you live near Baltimore or Annapolis you should come to the 12x12 Party Creative Paradox is hosting this Saturday August 18th! There will be work on view by me & the other resident artists, t-shirts for sale designed by us & the other Co-op artists, live music, and a chainsaw bear carving competition! No joke! The event is also a fundraiser to raise money (12 bucks a month for 12 months) to support our program, but the event itself is free! Read details on the facebook event here

Here's a sneak peak of an installation-in-progress I'm working on that you'll get to see at the 12x12! 
This is me saying "Hey come to the 12x12 party on Saturday!"

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Residency at Creative Paradox! by Nicole M

This summer I'm beginning a year-long residency program at Creative Paradox, an artists' studio & co-op space in Annapolis, MD. I can't say how pumped and grateful I am for this opportunity to have a supportive studio environment to make work in, especially after leaving somewhere like MICA.

The overall mission of Creative Paradox is to "cultivate a vibrant network of artists who glorify God and impact culture." The residency, which is brand new, is unique in its focus on both the artistic growth & personal growth of the artists. I'll be sharing a studio space with two other artists, painter Lee Nowell and illustrator/creative writer Jacqueline McNally. Read more about the program and see our bio pages on the website here.

Here's a few photos of the studio space I'm now working in!

Beginning of a new painting installation I'm just starting:
It's evolving! 
My whole studio-half!
Also check out an article written about us in The Capital, a local newspaper. Here's Casey Johnson, the director of the program, giving an interview:

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