Proyecto 'ace: Travel Update / by Nicole M

For almost two weeks now I've been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of the long-awaited residency with Proyecto 'ace! Thanks to all the amazing friends & family from Kickstarter who helped me get here! Your gifts are all in progress! 

It's been kind of a whirlwind adventure and going by so quickly, but I wanted to share some of what it's been like so far, while I'm still here! There was definitely an adjustment period for me upon first getting here (not speaking the language, knowing anybody here, or being familiar with the city), but once the residency got going it has been really amazing. If I have any regrets it would only be deciding to pack all of my art supplies & clothes into one suitcase that weighed 85 lbs. and thinking it would be a good idea.
I'll have much more to share at the end, but here's a quick photo tour of my trip so far!
The first day after I arrived was a holiday, San Martin's Day, so our orientation at 'ace wasn't until Tuesday the 20th. Instead a few of the resident artists met up and went to Puerto Madero, a more touristy waterfront neighborhood: 

A beautiful sunset!
Nearby we saw La Casa Rosada, the presidential building of Argentina. 
And at night:

The next morning at 'ace we got to tour the studios below (which are beautiful!), meet the 'ace staff (all amazingly friendly & helpful) and the other artists—there are three other residents here at the same time as me: Marcia de Moraes & Eduardo Eloy from Brazil, and Amanda Millet-Sorsa from France.

The best thing about being here so far is definitely the connections with other artists. Between the four residents & 'ace staff (all artists as well), there are people here from Argentina, several from Colombia, Venezuela, and of course Brazil & the U.S. With such varied backgrounds & experience, I'm learning so much about the art scene in Buenos Aires & throughout South America. Don't be surprised if I start looking for an excuse to travel to Sao Paulo in the future. ;)

Below Eduardo Eloy showing us some of his prints:
Here are the printmaking studios where a few of the artists work. Really nice!:
Another view into the printmaking studio:
And through a back terrace, up a spiral staircase, is the studio I'm working in!! a.k.a. "The Tower"
Entryway into "The Tower" studio:
 Inside my studio home for three weeks!
 Getting started on the first day, cutting paper & stretching canvas:
 Day two, beginning to work on some paintings:
 More progress:
 Some paintings on paper:

After the first week at 'ace, we did some more exploring of Buenos Aires. After shopping for sweaters & socks, because it's winter here and nobody expected it to actually be cold, the 'ace team took us to a few art openings & local restaurants/bars. We ate empanadas and drank Quilmes (beer) & Fernet y coke (interesting herbal drink) to feel like real portenos. ;)

On Sunday we did another touristy thing of going to the weekly street fair & market in San Telmo. I'll definitely be going back as it's a great place to find souvenirs & postcards for my Kickstarter gifts...

The beginning of week 2, more progress being made in the studio:

So here we are! What's next: 
– The weather's finally starting to warm up here, so this weekend I'd really love to take a bike tour of the city with "Biking Buenos Aires."
– Although we've gone to a few smaller art openings already I've yet to visit any of the larger contemporary art museums but am planning to soon! 
– Our residency will be wrapping up next week when the other artists will host an "Open Studio." I should be done with all of the pieces in the above photos, and hopefully more. =)  
– I'll be staying in BA for several days after the residency finishes, and just booked a place in San Telmo with Airbnb.

Stay tuned! =)