Help me Kickstart a Residency in Argentina! / by Nicole M

I've been holding off on this announcement until I got my Kickstarter page up & running, but here it finally is! I have been offered an opportunity to participate in another artist residency coming up this fall at Proyecto 'ace, in Buenos Aires, Argentina!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to travel abroad with my work for the first time. Proyecto 'ace is an international arts non-profit that invites accepted artists from all over the world into their residency program to create new work, learn from each other, and become immersed in the city of Buenos Aires. I'll be there for 3 weeks from August to September.

This is a great opportunity for growth, especially at such an early point in my career. But I need your support! In order to accept this invitation from Proyecto 'ace, I will need to raise around $5,000 in travel & program costs. And that's why I've created this Kickstarter campaign! In exchange for making a pledge, I'll be giving rewards like original paintings, collages, & postcards from Argentina!

The catch with Kickstarter is that unless I reach my goal (which I've set at $2,000) by my deadline (which is 27 days from now), I won't retain ANY of the funds! Which means I've got until April 18th, 2013 to raise $2,000 or more! With your contributions and help in spreading the word, I know this is possible. We are 3 days into the campaign and already 25% of the way there!!

By clicking here ^ you can also read my project proposal I used to apply to Proyecto 'ace with, and see examples of the paintings & prints I'll be offering as rewards! 

Thanks for being a part of this adventure with me!!