Upcoming Show at Creative Paradox—Appetizer: January 26th at 7pm / by Nicole M

Appetizer will be a taste of what the artists at Creative Paradox have been working on for the last few months and give a glimpse of what is to come from each artists' solo show at the end of their residency in May. 

This show will feature works from Artists-in-Residence Nicole Mueller (me!), Jacqueline McNally, and Lee Nowell. 

Each artist has their own unique vision and Appetizer is a great way to get a sample before the main course. Expect to see works in painting, illustration, stop-motion video, and photography & live performance sculpture by "Lemonade" — a collaboration project between Casey Reed Johnson & Mark Joseph Oliver. 

Here's a few "appetizers" of some work I'll be showing at Appetizer...ha...