synthspiration! / by Nicole M

Check out this t-shirt I made for the next Synthspiration party happening this Friday! Come by our apartment from 8pm onward for free food, art, live music, and dancing! =) 
We'll be screen printing these and selling them for $10 on Friday, so bring cash monies or your own T-shirt if you want one (or let me know and we'll make one for you)! We'll have other cool images to print and multi colored t-shirts too! (you can see a few examples of older ones on the synthspiration website)  

Originally inspired by my friend Joe, a group of friends and fellow artists from The Light church have been hosting "synthspiration" parties over the last year in various locations around Maryland. They're basically an excuse to get together and throw a party to show recent art we've been working on, eat, drink, and of course dance. =) 
Lately, we've been getting together once every few weeks to share ideas, get feedback on our work, and come up with collaborations, so it seemed like a perfect time to have another Synthspiration party. 
I'm really lucky to be a part of so many great artistic communities, this one in particular as a way to talk about what it means to have faith in God, be an artist, and what the relationship between those two things is. 

Also, my friend Joe just showed me this cool song by Metronomy check it out!