new project in progress / by Nicole M

I started a new animated painting project at the beginning of the semester, based off of a video of a moving landscape I shot while in Peru. This one I intended to be approx. a minute longer than the first.

I've gotten some really helpful feedback this week and during my review boards (which are over and went great woo!) and it helped me to see some of the differences between the two videos more clearly. The dog one I think is actually closer to what I want to achieve with animating painting and the direction I want to move in, and is more compelling as a video.
The Peru one is still very in-progress, but I think moving forward I need to start taking more liberties with abstracting the paintings from the original scene/video. I don't want the technique to become just a painterly filter over a real-life scene, so I think I will end up working back into a lot of the images I already have.

This will probably change a lot so don't get too attached, but here's what I have to show of the video so far! ;)

"Landscape of Lima"

And here are some still frames from it: