Jack's Mannequin poster design contest! / by Nicole M

Hey everyone! Jack's Mannequin (only my favorite band since high school) is hosting a poster design contest called Stop, Listen, Design for Jack's Mannequin through talenthouse.com to celebrate the release of their new album "People and Things." The opportunity I've only dreamed about since 9th grade is finally here!  Here's the painting I made to submit:

The winner's design as determined by talenthouse will be used for promotional materials for the band, and four copies will be signed and auctioned off to benefit the "Dear Jack Foundation." The winner also gets VIP passes to a Jack's Mannequin concert, some cash monies, and a signed copy of the poster they designed. 
There's also a "People's Choice" award that's determined by YOU giving me the most votes! ;) 

To vote, just go here ^ and click "VOTE!"on the righthand side of the poster image.

Voting takes place from October 26th – November 1st, GO GO GO! 

Please/Thanks/I Love You!! 

Also, so you can share in my love and appreciation for JM, enjoy the trailer for "People and Things" and the song  "Swim" from their last album "The Glass Passenger"!