inspiration / by Nicole M

Just some things that have been inspiring my recent work lately...

Some images from my recent trip to Peru over the summer:

Jeff Scher: I've always loved his videos and their collage aspect, and especially that he considers himself a "painter working in motion." Really gave me the push I needed to start experimenting with my own animation while still feeling like I could retain my "painterly self." You can watch most of his short films on his website! 

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Beatles): Classic song. Classic video. Love the crazy colorful animation. 

Robert Seidel: I stumbled on this artist because of some cover art he did for the band Passion Pit that I always really liked and finally decided to look up. Discovered his amazing video work and want to be him. The way things bulge & swirl & swim together..SO GOOD. Check out his vimeo!

Joan Mitchell: I just love, love, love her paintings. After spending a long time with one in the American Art Museum in DC, will always look up to her as a master of color, mark, and painterly language. 

(images from google images)