summer sketchin' / by Nicole M

Another year of MICA Pre-college has officially ended and so has my third (and last!) year as a TARC (which stands for terrific, awesome real counselor, in case you were wondering). A little bittersweet, but on the bright side I was able to TA for the infamous Michael Weiss (my painting teacher during pre-college, and Elements teacher freshman year), our students were awesome, and overall we really went out with a bang I think. ;) 

Me and Christian, my TARC partner, with Michael Weiss in DC. Go America!  

our Weissers & Weissettes spelling WEISS!!! in front of the Harbor skyline...I'm pretty sure they'll want to use this in the next pre-college catalogue or something. 

I haven't really worked in a sketchbook in awhile, but since there's hardly any time during pre-college to actually make work yourself, it's a really great creative outlet, and I'm going to try and do more things in my sketchbook from now on. So here's some drawings/collages I've accumulated over the last couple weeks!

some drawings from a field trip to the inner harbor we took with M. Weiss's class that I later collaged back into

my TARC partner Christian in profile 

i call this one "Christian in motion" ...done sitting outside of Urban Outfitters in the Harbor

20 min. sketch done from an excellent still-life set-up in M. Weiss's class

drawing from the MET on our weekend trip to NYC...i really liked the gesture of this sculpture 

some drawings from the last day of our Artist Books workshop

during critique in Artist Books workshop 

a girl sewing some things


are they shoes or are they dinosaurs? 

a couple friends came to visit the weekend after pre-college ended, and then we drove back from Baltimore to Georgia together...11 hour road trip YEA! 

i really was sorry about that 

my friend Bob driving

my friend Virginia reading her kindle in the passenger seat...only 147 miles to go!

and, I almost forgot the collaborative masterpiece of our entire roadtrip...this piece is titled "From the Imagination of Bob Kay through the Artistic Minds of Virginia Hogan & Nicole Mueller"

I think that's enough sketchbook pages for now, but I'll hopefully have more when I get back to Baltimore in a few weeks...I also have a bunch of ideas for new paintings and a couple videos, so be excited for next fall and thesis!!
Thanks for looking! 

 Also, enjoy this song: