infinite mind map / by Nicole M

here's part of my final for my Ecopoetics class, which is probably my favorite non-studio class I've taken at MICA. The class revolved around the idea of ecology in the sense that it means the relationship of things to one everything (living and non-living) is part of a system, parts and wholes are interdependent and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, how language relates to thought, and how these relate to ecosystems, etc. 
So it was mostly about linkages and connections, as opposed to my initial assumption that I'd be taking a class about nature poetry (not that i have anything against nature poetry...but I am glad the class was not that)

So for this project I wanted to engage in an internal/external dialogue with myself and others, and draw connections between various text & images, while also setting up a dialogue between these other writers, creating "unexpected conversations." By combining collected quotes (from other artists, authors, and thinkers) with images/collages of my own, as well as my own writing and thoughts,  I attempted to follow the path of thought from one idea to another. With a kind of "mind map," I attempted to draw parallels between these various things. In authoring the arrangement of the quotes and images I hoped to create a new conversation, with resonance beyond what the quotes hold on their own. 
They were all displayed in a wall installation, spiraling out from a center point in a potentially "infinite mind map," with thread connecting things I feel are related. 
In some ways it is merely a personal reflection - a combination of accumulated words and images that have stuck out to me, impressed, or resonated with me, but I hoped it would also represent the subjectivity of connection.