thesis thoughts / by Nicole M

I'll have some new work posted soon, but in the meantime, while I'm trying to compile my thoughts into some sort of artist statement, here's what I've been thinking about with my work. I usually don't make posts entirely devoid of images, but I am just kind of thinking out loud here...sorry for rambling!

Ok well I've been working a lot with collage lately, and I want my paintings to work like include different elements, forms, and gestures that may seem incompatible or dissonant, and to find a harmony, rhythm, and clarity within everything. They are mostly about these relationships between contrasting elements, such as wild vs. subdued, fast-paced vs. deliberative, spontaneous vs. calculated. They exist somewhere in the realm between figuration and abstraction. Working with color relationships, differences in scale and mark, figuration vs. abstraction, etc. I'm aiming to achieve a harmonious whole and the right amount of balance between whole and part. At least that is the challenge I'm dealing with in my current paintings.

I've also been thinking a lot about language (admittedly inspired by some poststructuralist ideas taken from a class I took last semester), but more on how painting is its own visual language, and the relationship it has to verbal language, and other types of language (i.e. music)

some quotes:

(on Albert Oehlen's paintings) 
"...more like a collage than a painting: a loud and exasperating argument in different tongues, promising never to be resolved for lack of a common idiom." 

"...his work remains a collage, in the truest sense. The sources Oehlen selects and samples are all taken from numerous histories, languages, techniques, applications, methodologies, and mythologies of painting. The figures, devices, even the gestures, are like cut-outs or quotes. The canvas becomes a genuine montage of painted and painterly passages." 

(on Amy Sillman's paintings)
"Painting is a physical thinking process to continue an interior dialogue, a way to engage in a kind of internal discourse, or sub-linguistic mumbling."

"...absorbed in the semiotics of painterly language itself."

Hmm ok that's all for now.