hand letters, sota, and thesis! / by Nicole M

Besides senior thesis, I'm also taking a handlettering class. So far it's been fun just experimenting with different type..I'm really excited about our next assignment, but I will build suspense and not tell you about it.
Ok I don't feel like writing a lot so I'll just let the hand letters do the talking (haha get it? puns) :

These were exercises we did for our first assignment, creating compositions in photoshop out of other handlettering exercises we did 

We have to turn in practice sketches every week 

Our past assignment was to create an edible alphabet out of fruits & veggies to be used in a logo for a local produce stand, Planet Produce. I think the letters themselves came out better than the final design. not my fav.
Here's a K made out of asparagus I was really upset I didn't get to use in my final project. 

That's everything I have from handlettering right now. On another note, last weekend was the first part of SYNTHSPIRATION III at Studio of the Arts (sota) space in Annapolis. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here. I've been working with The Light's gallery team since last semester, mostly helping with promotional things and maintaining the blog, and am really excited about all of the events we have going on this spring, so am shamelessly inserting a plug for the upcoming SYNTHSPIRATION event happening this Saturday at The Light 7 - 11pm! If you feel confused, intrigued, and synthspired at the mention of the word 'synthspiration' then you should definitely come. Art, music, food, drinks, DJ JVarg, screenprinting, and the Neverending Story will all be involved. 

So anyways, last weekend was SYNTHSPIRATION III pt. 1 at sota and we were in need of some more art for the walls, so I had a couple paintings up. 

Here's my friend Joseph, the creator of Synthspiration himself, standing in front of them
"Onomatopoeia" (L) and "Chicken Scratch" (R)

If you come to the next SYNTHSPIRATION event this Saturday, you'll get to see another painting I've been working on for thesis! Here's some in-progress shots of it in the studio (did I mention I have a brand new studio space in the Studio Center this semester?! because I do):

Hopefully it'll be 'finished' by this weekend! ;) 
I'll post something later about what I'm thinking about with my work when I'm feeling more eloquent and less tired. =)