new website, new semester, new projects! / by Nicole M

SO, spring semester/first semester of senior year commences. I'm convincing myself that this is exciting. Some things that definitely are exciting though, that I have been neglecting to post over the past month, are....I have a new website!! =D's like I'm on my way to becoming a real artist or something...I'll still update my blog "regularly", and use the website for displaying my portfolio, and once I get going on thesis, primarily that. Ok so here it is!

Special thanks to my friend Adam Okrasinski for building it since my html/web design skills are zero. 

I'm pretty optimistic for the semester, and should have some new projects to share soon, which I'll post as soon as I start them (which you'd think I would have done already, it being the third week of school now......ummm okyea)  

Also, The Sketchbook Project deadline was earlier this month, so I decided the week before that I should probably start it. Next year's will be better...

That's all I'll share on here. The tour starts in March and will tour around to various cities before all the sketchbooks get catalogued in the Brooklyn Art Library. I'm still excited to be a part of it. 

That's really it for on the way! 

P.S. here's a good song!  (and i'm seeing them in bmore this weekend yeaaa!)