break time! / by Nicole M

Well, the semester has finally wound to a close...which means I am officially a senior! whoa. too too fast. It seems too early to have to think about thesis, but since I probably won't be able to paint at all during break, I'm looking forward to spending time researching, reflecting on this past semester, and just getting inspired. And of course I'm excited to spend time relaxing with my family, roasting chestnuts on an open fire, and having myself a merry little christmas.
Anyways, here's a few things I didn't have time to post during the craziness of finals time:

mixed media on paper

some more visual diaries:

I've taken a little bit of a hiatus on the visual diaries, and have kind of been reevaluating their role in relation to my other work...I started to view them more as compositional studies for larger works, annd am not really sure what function I want them to serve I guess. My work's been getting a little convoluted, and I feel sort of all over the place in terms of what I've been doing, so I think a general cleaning out, while still continuing to experiment, is needed. Like I said, break will be good.
Well anyways, I'll keep updated on what I'm doing over break, but don't expect too much ;) In the meantime, have a happy holiday!!