Blanket feature! / by Nicole M

In the midst of the holiday hullabaloo (i don't think i've ever had an excuse to use that word before), I almost forgot to share some exciting news! I had the honor of being included in the latest issue of Blanket magazine as part of the "Here's my work I hope you like it!" section! (please reference pg. 44)

"Blanket is an online pdf art + design + photography magazine that uncovers emerging artists from around the world." You can download it online for only $2, and this issue features interviews with each of the artists included in the 2011 Blanket calendar (which I just bought for myself and looks sweet!):

Hooray!! Now go spend that $2 you would have unnecessarily spent on a slurpie on Blanket instead!
'Celebration' issue indeed. So many reasons to feel blessed this season

Happy Holidays!!!