visual dump announcement! / by Nicole M

24" x 20"

Sorry for the excessive posts...i just figured i'd separate out the paintings from the new stuff i've been doing..and I have a lot of things I've been working on, I just haven't been very good about updating!
Well, I've started doing some larger 'visual diaries' (while continuing to do the smaller ones, mostly daily now) and i think the next step is to blow them up even bigger...and to keep working on paper....maybe i'll even try stretching some paper like canvas!??!  who even knows. well here are some more smaller ones (like around 5x4").

And, in other exciting news, a selection of these are going to be part of the Salon 7 show this weekend at the Jordan Faye Contemporary in Federal Hill! yayyyy. Consider this your personal invite, if you are in the area, to come and check it out! The opening's this Friday 6-9p. There will be food and drinks, and good art to look at, plus i would be so so excited to see you there! 

"Painting has a nature that is not entirely translatable into verbal language. I think painting is a language, actually. It's linguistic, in a sense, but not in a verbal sense. 'I think that one wants from a painting a sense of life.' And I think that is true." - Jasper Johns 

"The problems of inventing a new language are staggering. But what else can one do if one needs to express one's feeling precisely?" - Robert Motherwell