shows / by Nicole M

Last weekend was the Salon 7 show at the Jordan Faye Contemporary..and it went really well! It was cool just to be a part of a group show and get to meet/have great conversations with a bunch of artists from outside of MICA. and made me realize that I definitely need to start going to more openings and just generally become more connected with the Baltimore art community. And other than making me acutely aware of how socially awkward I can be, the opening was pretty's some pictures!

this was the 'about me' blurb i had posted on the wall next to my work: "Nicole Mueller is currently a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, pursuing a BFA in Painting with a concentration in Illustration. Her recent series of 'visual diaries' are spontaneous collages combining painting, drawing, collage, and other elements. Based off of feelings, memories, observations, and 'stream of consciousness drawing,' they are representative of thoughts, thus their meaning isn't always clear. Within each piece are moments of clarity, absentmindedness, and surprising moments of saturation." 
my roommates/friends showed up later and brought me flowers! =) (that matched the color palette of my pieces - please note) Jordan, the gallery owner, also decided to keep some of the smaller works for the next show Small Wonders (up through Dec. 23). My pieces are small. I wonder about them. perfect! 

i really love that red wall

artists Chris Attenborough & Sean Naftal, collectively known as Peacock, doing a performance piece during the show...pretty cool

Also, that color abstraction piece from earlier in the semester got into the Juried Undergraduate Exhibition at MICA recently..

(all these pieces are for sale, send me an email if you're interested in any)