talkin with some artists / by Nicole M

This week has been a great week. Last weekend my teacher for professional development took us to New York to see the Dumbo Arts Festival, where her residency at the Triangle Arts Association was having open studios. It was an awesome opportunity to talk to a bunch of successful, professional artists about their careers and work (plus we had to write a paper on it, so we had no choice but to take advantage of the opportunity).

(photos taken from the Triangle Arts Assoc. website)

^The artist we're all sitting on the floor talking with is Sofi Quirno, an Argentinian artist. Her work was probably my favorite - she does these really great painting installations, and her blog is here if you want to check out any of her work.

And THEN today we took a trip to the Sub Basement Artist Studios, a Bmore art gallery, and talked with the owner, Jeffrey Kent, who was super helpful and friendly, and had a lot of really great advice to share with us. (this professional development class is proving to be prettty useful so far...)

Alright, i just felt like sharing! art coming soon