new studio! / by Nicole M

ok! fall semester 2010 is in full swing. all systems are go. i haven't taken any images of the work i've been doing, but once I complete some paintings perhaps I will get around to that ;)
In the meantime here is a shot of my brand new studio space! This is exciting because I have never had a studio space all to myself that does not double as a bedroom. It is more of a wall space than a studio per se but I do have a nice corner to put my stuff in...right next to the big MICA M. perfect. the fluorescent lights also don't extend over to my side of the wall so the lighting actually is this dramatic, always.

and here is a painting in progress for my Color Abstraction class with THE Timothy App. 

I find a lot of inspiration in things other people have said, and have been reading some from Robert Motherwell lately, so here's a quote from him that I just like and want to share, from "A Conversation with Students"
"But in the end I realize that whatever meaning that picture has is the accumulated meaning of ten thousand brushstrokes, each one being decided as it was painted. And in that sense to say "what does it mean" is unanswerable except as the accumulation of all of these decisions in which, if it took two months to paint, my basic character has to be involved...But when you work steadily at something, your whole being comes out...all these pictures to me - they're all sentences, or paragraphs, or slices from a continuum that has gone on my whole life, and will till the day I die." 

that's all for now.