throwback #2 / by Nicole M

Get ready...for the second installment of..."drawings i did when i was six!" Apparently I went on some kind of publishing spree around that time in my life, because my mom and I came across this earlier today when we were reminiscing over old family photographs. If you thought "The Dragon and the Knight" was a story to remember, just wait till you read "The King Who Lost His Crown," because I'm pretty sure this is going to be an instant classic. So instead of posting current work I've been doing, which is what this blog is supposed to be for, I'm going to continue posting stuff I did from 15 years ago!

we are already off to an intriguing start

the plot thickens

finally. I was wondering how many more of lion's friends we were gonna have to ask before we solved this mystery. 

Lion, really, this is too much

i love throwing parties whenever I find misplaced items

...but wait, it's not over yet!

the end. 

can't forget the shout-out to Rusty

Alright, I promise to have a painting up soon...unless I decide to reveal my 6th grade masterpiece, "The Attack of the Yellow It"!?!