some new collages / by Nicole M

Now that Pre-coll 2010 is officially over, I've just been hanging around at home, conducting 4:30 check-ins with my family, and reminiscing over all the photos I took while stalking all my new facebook friends. jk...Working as a TARC is honestly one of the best jobs I've ever had. You learn so much from it and get to work with some really wonderful people. Here's a shot of our 'Drawing & Painting the Figure in Oil' class on the last day right before the commencement ceremony! aren't we cute?!?

(VossOils 4EVA!)

I have been making things too, since I've been home. Some collages just for the sake of collaging, and I've been painting too lately, which is nice. Here are a few new collages, and a couple older ones too. 

ALSO, I just signed up for the 2011 Sketchbook Tour Project, which I am really excited about.
The Sketchbook Project: 2011
You can learn more about it on the website, and then you can sign up and our sketchbooks can tour the country together. Like buddies! yes?

Ok this is the last thing, I swear. One of my favorite shows on t.v. right now is So You Think You Can Dance, and I just want to share this video that I can't stop watching with you. I feel so inspired watching people dance, especially this routine to Coldplay's Fix You-it is just so so beautiful!