throwback! / by Nicole M

So...since I really don't have anything new to update with, and since I'm about to leave for a month to work again as a TARC at MICA's Pre-college program so probably won't be updating then, I figured I would post one last thing before I leave.
I was looking through my bookshelf here at home and came across some of my earlier work from a book I published a while back. you know. And so I present you with just a few highlights from...

"The Dragon and the Knight"
by Nicole Mueller
(est. 1st grade) 

...who, I mean, really, is the source of all my inspiration the princess is stolen by the dragon...


don't worry though, this guy will save her 

I mean, I didn't want to make it too difficult for him..

Did I mention that the king was very happy to see the princess? 

how could they not though? Did you see that menu? 

the end. 

since no book is complete without an About the Author page...this picture should probably not be on the internet, but I had to show off my sweet denim getup...and realized that, otherwise, I am exactly the same person I was in first grade.