it's illustration time! / by Nicole M

that's right. my mom brought the nice camera from home so I was finally able to take some good pictures of my work...but I'm going to build suspense by posting everything little by little instead of in one huge dump ;) Ok so this was an illustration assignment we had awhile back called "Say Anything." Everyone in the class had to write their most embarrassing story and then turn it in, anonymously, for somebody else to illustrate. (this wasn't my story.....don't worry, mine was much worse) I'm pretty sure this has happened to me at some point in my life, though. sad day.

And remember how awhile back I went to the zoo?!? well here are my zoo-inspired pieces/my final assignment for Illustration II. I am in love with cheetahs. And polar bears, for that matter. 

alright, well I am going to get some sleep because I'm leaving bmore in the morning yo. 
this song will make you happy.