ZOO trip / by Nicole M

So my illustration class is really awesome. wanna know why? because instead of going to class, we get to have..adventure time! And last friday (blogger is telling me i spelled friday wrong...stop making me doubt myself, blogger) was absolutely beautiful out so I went to the zoo! =) best day ever! It wasn't all fun and games though- we had to document our experience, so I was busy drawing in my sketchbook all day and taking photos of swimming polar bears. Animals must love me, because every place I sat down to draw at, they kept coming up to the glass or sitting still for long periods of time. So here are a few pages I ended up with =) I had a lot of fun just being able to work in my sketchbook like this, which I feel like I never really get a chance to do. I'm hoping this summer will give me more time to actually do stuff just for fun.