Unexpected Party / by Nicole M

first illustration 1 assignment! yayyy 
In class we read a ton of short stories by chilean artist Alejandro Jodorowsky's 'El Desoro de la Sombra' and then chose our favorite to illustrate. They were originally written in Spanish, but Jose our teacher translated them into English for us. So this is probably going to make me seem really morbid but the one I chose is:  "The decapitated corpse sprung fireworks from the orifice in its neck." I only liked it because I read the story first and then the title, 'Unexpected Party,' after...umm I thought it was funny...haha. so heeere's my illustration, which after our critique I'm probably going to change a little bit before midterm. I think I'll tilt the frame a little to the right so the body is more parallel to the ground and doesn't look like it's floating, and maybe add color/more to the rockets. 

Maybe once I do something worth showing, I'll post something from my painting class.