o hey blog, long time no see / by Nicole M

Soo apparently I'm not very good at keeping up with this...but hey! here's some sketchbook pages to start off the new year! Hopefully this fall it will get better since I'll actually be doing work that I can put up! This summer was pretty good, even if I wasn't as productive as I wanted to be...and that large painting I was getting ready to paint never got past its gessoing stages...haha but I'm using Precollege as my excuse so it's ok.

I'm really excited for my classes this semester though...I'm taking Height x Width (monstrous all-day painting class), Illustration 1, Literature of Eastern Philosophy & Religion, and the History of Illustration. good stuff. anyways, yea. sketchbook. here it is. 

this was from a trip we took to D.C. my first few weeks back at MICA...we went to the Museum of Natural History for awhile b/c I wanted to draw animals =)  

while I was doing this a little girl came up and asked "what are you drawing?" haha...oops