Notions / by Nicole M

Here's a couple projects I did for Elements this semester (actually...the only 2 projects I did for elements this semester) but annyways, the first one was a collaborative project with William Niu. The assignment was to do something based off the color violet...Will happens to be awesome at flash animations, so we did one of those =) 

The only link I have to it's on facebook, so hopefully you can see it here.

I was so inspired from the first animation we did that I decided to try one of my own ;) not without a lot of help from Will on how to use flash here it is! "la petite animation"

And I've been having problems uploading this different places online, so if it doesn't work then this one's also on facebook.
**I highly recommend viewing it on facebook ^ because it's seemed to have run the best on there so far. It's a little jumpy here...alright, just wanted to throw that in there =)