FINALZ! Life Drawing / by Nicole M

So finals have been taking over my life...which is why I haven't posted anything in so long...but I figured I would finally update with all the stuff I've been doing for my final projects...soo here is life drawing--

I wanted to continue with the same idea I had going with our last open assignment, about abstracting the human body...I think it was more successful this time around, or at least more what I had originally intended, but I still just need to do more of them to figure out what really works. I was looking at some of Bill Brandt this time, since he does a lot with distorting/exaggerating the body and creating figures so they look like part of the's some of his stuff!

yep! annd here's my final 'series' I guess...the one on the right I'd done for the first assignment, so it doesn't really fit with the others. I wanted to use really dramatic lighting and do really organic looking abstractions that were mostly about I said I think some parts work better than others, but oh well I'll just have to play around with it more I guess =) 

And here's them individually: 

this one's probably my least favorite: =\

and here's some more in-class drawings for fun! =) a bunch of 2-min. gesture drawings