/ by Nicole M

So our last drawing hw was an open assignment and I wanted to do something working with abstraction and the human figure. I've been thinking about the way that lighting in photography and film can abstract the human body, so I wanted to try to do the same with drawing. I was first inspired by some work I saw by Timothy Archibald, from his series called "Echolilia: Weird Pictures of My Kid."  

This particular photo has less to do with lighting, but I was just interested in the way his body almost seems to morph into some other shape. We also just watched a film in Elements a few weeks ago, Bill Viola's The Passing, which is probably a better example of the way lighting creates a kind of abstraction. 
So anyways, here's what I came up with...it's not as successful as I wanted, I think it looks too recognizable as a body, but I think for my drawing final I want to continue this with something combining the figurative, landscape, and abstract. 

Also, here's a few extra things we did in class: