Life Drawlings / by Nicole M

So I absolutely LOVE my life drawing class this semester! Drawing from the figure is pretty much my favorite thing to here's some stuff from class and outside assignments =)

We had to do five contour line drawings of our hand and create an integrated composition:

And the same thing with our feet: 

Here's some ink washes from class: 

An exercise in foreshortening where we had to draw our hand/shoulder in the mirror 3 times:

Each outside assignment we get just keeps getting ridiculously harder every time...this one we couldn't use a mirror for and had to draw ourselves from the waist down in a contrapuntal position looking downwards...with strong directional lighting

Just some in class stuff:

(i dunno why i like this...haha)

And this is actually from my Drawing as Illustration class...but we still do figure drawings in there:

And that's everything for now! I have a few more things to take pictures of and then I'll post...and guess what they're figure drawings! surprise =)