Nicole currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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Nicole explores relationships and dichotomies through her large scale collages, murals, and installations. She earned her BFA in painting and illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. She has been an artist-in-residence at the Vermont Studio Center, Proyecto 'ACE (Argentina), and Creative Paradox (Maryland). Her work has been exhibited in California, New York, and Maryland. She received early recognitions from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts and Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation. After relocating to San Francisco in 2017, she became the recipient of the Mark M. Glickman and Lanette M. McClure Artist Award for emerging artists creating innovative work in California. She co-hosts a podcast that interviews artists about their professional practices called Beyond the Studio, which received an Alternative Exposure grant in 2017 from Southern Exposure.

Studio process

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Artist statement

"I believe in the power and importance of play, surprise, and experimentation. I strive to create work that is both joyful and complex—attracting viewers from afar with bright colors and energetic compositions, and rewarding viewers up close with more densely layered, fluctuating spaces.

My interest in painting stems from my childhood love of animation, and the process of bringing static images to life using color, light, and the repetition of shapes. 

Today, my work still aims to draw parallels between animation and abstraction—which both simplify, exaggerate, and select from reality—while further emphasizing painting's unique and defining relationship between surface and space. 

My current work is rooted in collage as both medium and metaphor, and explores relationships between painting, animation, abstraction, as well as time, movement, color, and potential. I make large mixed media collages, abstract collage-like animations, and most recently an immersive "stained glass" window installation. 

Within this work, I am pursuing a balance between chaos and control, the spontaneous and intentional, exuberant and complex. Navigating the space between dichotomies is what motivates and inspires my work. 

Each piece includes moments of punctuation, sometimes comically loud or abrupt, colliding colors and shapes, and depicts a world of continuous convergence, dissipating boundaries, and in celebration of paradox."